Where can you find Just Jazzin'....
203 Coulcrest St. in Thibodaux  
(Behind the old Circle K, next to Robichaux Ford, off of Louisiana Dr.)      
Studio Phone 985-447-8005

Things are slowly "Falling" into place...
Fall classes to begin August 13, 2018 - December 16, 2018 

*Classes are situated as registrants reply. Times are subject to vary slightly.
*Please choose your best option and we will confirm your decision or provide additional suggestion with an email or text message.

MONDAY 4:15-5:15 Int tumble entering grades K-2nd 
*ADD 5:00 DANCE TO 4:15 OR 5:45 TUMBLE grades 1st-4th
*Wait List... MONDAY 5:45-6:45 Int tumble entering grades 2nd-4th 
MONDAY 6:45-7:45 Adv tumble entering grades 6th & up
*ADD 7:45-8:45 DANCE TO 6:45 TUMBLE grades 7th & up

TUESDAY 3:45-4:45 Beg tumble entering PreK-2nd
*ADD 4:30 Dance/Cheer to 3:45 tumble PreK-2nd
*Wait List...TUESDAY 5:15-6:15 Beg/Int tumble entering grades 3rd-6th
*ADD 6:15 DANCE TO 5:15 OR 6:45 TUMBLE grades 4th-7th
TUESDAY 7:00-8:00 Int/Adv tumble entering grades 6th & up

WEDNESDAY 4:00-5:00 Int tumble entering grades 2nd-4th
*ADD 4:45 DANCE TO 4:00 OR 5:30 TUMBLE grades 2nd-6th
*Wait List... WEDNESDAY 5:30-6:30 Beg/Int tumble entering grades 4th-7th 
WEDNESDAY 6:15-7:15 Beg tumble entering grades PreK-1st

THURSDAY 4:15-5:15 Int tumble entering grades 1st-4th
*ADD 5:15 DANCE TO 5:45 TUMBLE grades 1st-4th
*Wait List...THURSDAY 5:45-6:45 Beg/Int tumble entering grades K-3rd
*ADD 6:30 Dance/Cheer TO 7:15 TUMBLE grades 4th-7th
THURSDAY 7:15-8:15 Int/Adv tumble entering grades 5th & up

*Classes subject to change, grow or be cancelled based on enrollment 
Registration is included in the total price!
*All classes have limited availability in order for us to produce quality service.
*Just Jazzin’ reserves the right to place students in classes best suited to their ability.

Tumble price per session = $250/student
Two days per week (based on availability) = $400/student
Combo (add dance/cheer)price per session= $350/student
Dance and/or Cheer ONLY = $140/student
Sibling discount = 5% off each additional child

Private lessons for enrolled students = $40/student for 45 minutes
Four private sessions scheduled up front = $140
*Semi-Private(up to 3 students) = $25-$35/student for 45 minutes
Private lessons ONLY(not enrolled) = $50/hour

Obstacle course with games for 15-18 kids total = 2 hours for $185
Glow Party for 15-18 kids total = 2 hours for $265
 Air trick party for 18-21 kids total = 2.5 hours for $325 

Payment plans available and must be set up one week before class begins.
1) Monthly payments can be set up through:
Checking, savings or credit card account. Fill out form below and return!

MONTHLY payment form (DOC — 82 KB)
2) We can accept 50% non-refundable deposit day one 
with 50% balance paid by week 8 of each session. 
3) We also accept full pay by the end of month one if this is feasible the client

Suggested apparel:

GIRLS - Leotards with shorts or sports bra/cami with bike tights and shorts

BOYS - Tank tops/fitted tees and jersey shorts with a drawstring

**NO- buttons, jeans, zippers, large shirts, rolled shorts without tights, dangling earrings or large watches!!!

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