Where can you find Just Jazzin'....
203 Coulcrest St. in Thibodaux  
(Behind the old Circle K, next to Robichaux Ford, off of Louisiana Dr.)      
Studio Phone 985-447-8005

Let's get in shape for summer!!!
Wednesday, May 30 - Thursday, July 26

*Classes are tentative and based on demand...times may vary some.
*Please choose your best option and even make requests...we will confirm your decision with an email or text message closer to opening day.
Price is for the SESSION, not the month.
Registration is included in price!

MONDAY/WEDNESDAY 4:00-5:00 Beg tumble entering grades PreK-2nd ($245)
MONDAY/WEDNESDAY 5:15-6:15 Int tumble entering grades 2nd-6th ($245)
MONDAY/WEDNESDAY 6:30-7:30 Adv tumble entering grades 6th & up ($245) 
*Dance will be added in gaps if enough students are interested 
*Wednesday morning cheer/private lessons will be available on demand

TUESDAY/THURSDAY 9:30-10:30 am Beg tumble entering grades PreK-3rd ($245) 
TUESDAY/THURSDAY 10:45 am-11:45 am Int tumble entering grades 3rd-6th ($245)
TUESDAY/THURSDAY 4:30-5:30 Int tumble grades 5th-8th ($245)
TUESDAY/THURSDAY 5:45-6:45 Beg tumble entering grades K-3rd ($245)
 *Dance will be added in gaps if enough students are interested 
*Tumble and/or fitness classes for older students will be added on demand 

*Classes subject to change based on majority. 
*More classes added if requested!
*You may switch up a class to make up for vacation/prior engagements.
One day per week only is $135 for the summer
*All classes have limited availability in order for us to produce quality service.
*Just Jazzin’ reserves the right to place students in classes best suited to their ability.

Private lessons for enrolled students = $40/student for 45 minutes
*Semi-Private(up to 3 students) = $25-$35/student for 45 minutes
Private lessons ONLY(not enrolled) = $50/session

Payment plans available and must be set up one week before class begins.
1) Monthly payments can be set up through:
Checking, savings or credit card account. Fill out form below and return!
MONTHLY payment form (DOC — 82 KB)
2) We can accept 50% non-refundable deposit day one 
with 50% balance paid by week 8 of each session. 
3) We also accept full pay by the end of month one if this is feasible the client

Obstacle course with games for 15-18 kids total = 2 hours for $185
Glow Party for 15-18 kids total = 2 hours for $265
 Air trick party for 18-21 kids total = 2.5 hours for $325 

Suggested apparel:

GIRLS - Leotards with shorts or sports bra/cami with bike tights and shorts

BOYS - Tank tops/fitted tees and jersey shorts with a drawstring

NO- buttons, jeans, zippers, large shirts, rolled shorts without tights!!!

Cheer and Dance clinics 
 frequently offered!

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